You & I, make the world beautiful!!

I grow up with you, You grow up within me. I see you in me, You see everything through me. I sometimes feel your touch, But you keep touching me. Going through from the tender feeling of motherhood, Sailing into the ocean of mixed emotions; all fine, some dire, Talking to you about everything gives me immense pleasure. To keep a track record of your movements is not easy, To discontinue thinking about your well being is far tricky, To foresee memorable moments with you is more and more cheery.   Continue reading You & I, make the world beautiful!!

5 Must-Have Summer Dresses for Women

Summers in India are not less than a roasting experience when the mercury rises with the rapid speed, and keeping oneself cool and comfy become the priority of every Indian. Honestly, to look genuinely hot is the only goal of women, no matter how harsh and humid the weather is. So, keeping the balance between haute you in hot summers, let’s shed some light on the variety of easy-breezy clothing options that can be worn at work, college or hangouts. Check out the latest trends, the mix and match saga and ace the summer dress codes within your budget. Don’t … Continue reading 5 Must-Have Summer Dresses for Women

Negative + Negative = Positive

For all those 16 years, I never missed you. You were regular every month, And present in my teenage & adulthood phase. The moment you hug me, I feel butterflies in my stomach. Initially, you are hard But bidding adieu is far easier. To confide about you was prevalent, But confiding anything from you was unsustainable. Now the time has come, When I don’t want to see you for months. Now, when I wish your absence for some while, I pray to see those 2 parallel lines. 2 Lines that will brighten my smile, 2 lines with which I foresee … Continue reading Negative + Negative = Positive

Murder Mystery – WhoDunIt???

From where shall I start, the murder mystery of most talked about Sheena Bora is likely to give goose bumps to the Master of Suspense Alfred Hitchcock & crime novelist Agatha Christie. The suspense through which the plot unfolds can even lend Ram Gopal Verma, the newest script for his upcoming movie. More to share but less is known. As the day passes, the anxiety and eagerness grows stronger among millions of Indian viewers. Analyzing the “Whodunit” genre, the alleged culprit, Indrani Mukherjea, has already been in custody since her driver, Shyam Rai succumbed minutest detail regarding the brutal murder … Continue reading Murder Mystery – WhoDunIt???

Maggi, Maggi, Maggi…

Ever since I remember my growing age, Maggi had been the indispensable delicious delight in my mind, in my mouth and in my stomach 😛  It has that inseparable relationship, especially among kids, hostlers and late night movie watches, without which the existence of other remain food-less. Though I exaggerated a bit, but yeah it is one food for thought that lowers down the craving of yummy mouth-watering delight even at breakfast, after lunch snack or late night’s study, or gossip. In a nutshell, it’s really very disheartened to hear the ban of my or let’s say decades old favorite … Continue reading Maggi, Maggi, Maggi…

De-Code the Secrets of Party Queen!!

They say when in doubt go for black, but I believe when in party mood always always always go for Bold Black. You might have noticed that the ecstatic beauty looks elegant in beautiful black and that’s why we have black beauties as predominant and aesthetically outstanding all around the world. Steal the Glam Style – Take a chill pill & shop for this simple yet stylish black sleeveless top that bring out the oomph factor within you. Do flaunt your smooth and softer arms and complete the style quotient with a chain watch in one hand, and sparkling bracelet in another. Carry Look … Continue reading De-Code the Secrets of Party Queen!!

In Love with My Prince!!

Living the beautiful dream of living together, lying in each other’s arms with pleasure. Holding you is my world of possession, Loving You more n more is my only Treasure. Dreaming Your aura maddens me from upper, Seeing you enlightens the fire from inner. Feeling your touch made me want for more, Loving you more is my only prayer from all. Leaving everything to become the future of care, Living present to create memories of our pair. Liking your likes changed me from within, Loving you more is my only dream to fulfill. Continue reading In Love with My Prince!!

Life is Like an Ice-Cream!!

When the mother earth (Read Nature) has different ways to bestow her joy (Autumn), numbness (Winters), sorrows (Rainy) & agitation (Summers). Similarly, life too comes with a package of exciting surprises, drop-dead disappointments, stable satisfaction & short-term worries. The slightest of assumption can’t be figured out for pre-destined happiness, and greatest of preparation won’t work for the upcoming troubles. Happiness cannot be planned but anxiety can be taken care of. Delights should be enjoyed right at the moment, while distress can be preserved to sort it out for later. Because life’s delights are like ice-creams, the fast you finish, the … Continue reading Life is Like an Ice-Cream!!