Negative + Negative = Positive

For all those 16 years, I never missed you. You were regular every month, And present in my teenage & adulthood phase. The moment you hug me, I feel butterflies in my stomach. Initially, you are hard But bidding adieu is far easier. To confide about you was prevalent, But confiding anything from you was unsustainable. Now the time has come, When I don’t want to see you for months. Now, when I wish your absence for some while, I pray to see those 2 parallel lines. 2 Lines that will brighten my smile, 2 lines with which I foresee … Continue reading Negative + Negative = Positive

Darker Side of Commitment

One evening, wandering with my friend on the parks of my colony, I listened giggles of three young teenaged boys.  When stopped at the sight, we saw the hysterical position of those guys who were unable to control their laughter. It seemed quite strange as the reason of their amusement and enjoyment was unknown. Later on, felt extremely disappointed with the sight of their pleasure when they were all enjoying the phone talk with a girl. As the scene is presented, those three and supposedly teenaged boys find delight in mishandling the emotions of that girl. However,  the knowledge of … Continue reading Darker Side of Commitment

A Date with Angels

“Intuition is the best guide”as suggested by C.L.Talmadge who has successfully explored the way in which angels could  become our mentors. There Talmadge also gives a brief account of hidden truth of the happenings of the hidden world.  As we do all hear that there is an underworld which also exits apart from this Materialistic world of rational human beings. Both these world run on their different rules and regulations created by themselves only. Thus leading towards further, as related to it, during the Restoration period of 18th Century in England, Alexander Pope came up with his remarkable work upon … Continue reading A Date with Angels