4 Ways to Increase Family Bond


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Hands that hold my hands to help me in writing my first letter ‘A’ are now in need of my time and attention. My mother wanted to learn “Internet” so that she could follow our footsteps of facebooking, mobile chatting, surfing and thereby become independent with her thoughts of modern age.

The experience of making my mother to learn the Internet is at times hilarious, and at the other point annoying. Though I don’t remember my sit-and-learn days with her; still I can visualize her zest and dedication towards my schooling and learning.

If you too anytime come across with the same waves, I hope my observation would assist you in developing a strong relation with your Internet-aspired parent, or relative.

Patience : How many of us remember the repetitive initiatives of our parents in helping us to speak or write a particular word? It can be widely seen that parents are gifted with an amazing sense of patience to lend us a happy hand in our difficult steps. However, while sharing some Internet means with them, you should be relaxed and calm. Many surpass their irritation while seeing parents in their devoted time of learning. As a general rule, it would keep you away from needless rage and thereby liberate them from the hesitation or fear of asking any doubt.

Guidance : There is no hard and fast rule for guiding others to follow technological focused path. With the usage of easy-to-understand instances, you could help your parent or grandparent in grabbing the facts faster. Believe it or not, the together spent moments would be filled with hilarious gossips and doses of laughter. For instance, to any “Breaking News” addicted grandpa, your suggestion of making a Twitter account to follow top News Account of BBC,  New York Times, CNN would not only significantly decrease your electricity consumption but would turn on some cheerful smiles in the family boredom.

Motivation: This doesn’t mean you start reciting inspirational messages to boost the energy level.   The point is that your narration of personal experiences will allow them to imagine themselves in your shoes. Their mind needs a driving force with the will power of “I Can” which is incomplete without your complete support.

Time for Re-Payment – You should not be amazed with the great support of your parents in turning you what you are called as – Doctor, Advocate, Manager, Engineer, Professors, CA, CEO or Writer. In parenting, children are not entitled for any payment in return of their learning. But, once grown up, parents are in desperate need of your love, care, time and YOU that can make them forget their age, worry and loneliness.

I believe that the above tips will be marked as important by each one of us. Today you might not need your parents, but tomorrow you can be known as best kid in the world with remarkable understanding and maturity to see pain in their smile and tears in the eyes.

In the end, I can’t stop myself from sharing the beautiful lines…


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