5 thoughts on “About”

    1. Let the words fly high
      no matter what you write,
      or where they made you to go.
      Showing the unknown is an art
      while hiding the known,
      is not everyone’s fine craft.

      1. It’s tuff to string words,
        Complete a sentence
        So I avoid the air way
        Not afraid of heights
        But shy of the lights
        Magicians reveal the hidden
        I am just recalling what’s
        already written
        For crafters are a breed, rare..
        I am just blogger,,
        Sinceone here, another there

  1. Magicians mislead the eyes
    blogger soothes the mind,
    Playing with words is a game
    some chosen ones get the fame.
    Being a pal of lights
    help to guide in the flight,
    Decision is always one’s
    Just a respond from “another one”.

    Thanks for the rhythmic conversation 🙂 Hope it ends here!

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