Murder Mystery – WhoDunIt???


From where shall I start, the murder mystery of most talked about Sheena Bora is likely to give goose bumps to the Master of Suspense Alfred Hitchcock & crime novelist Agatha Christie. The suspense through which the plot unfolds can even lend Ram Gopal Verma, the newest script for his upcoming movie. More to share but less is known. As the day passes, the anxiety and eagerness grows stronger among millions of Indian viewers.

Analyzing the “Whodunit” genre, the alleged culprit, Indrani Mukherjea, has already been in custody since her driver, Shyam Rai succumbed minutest detail regarding the brutal murder of Sheena in April 2012, with the help of Sanjeev Khanna (Indrani’s former husband). To the world, Indrani was Sheena’s elder sister but within the four walls, she was her mother. While doting the real drama, this high profile suspense thriller is full of cloak and dragger that can make you go “awww” or drop your “jawww” – ambition, money, family feud, sex, betrayal and murder.

Being described as a social climber, Indrani is former HR consultant and most importantly, the wife of business tycoon Peter Mukherjea, former CEO of Star India, that gives this murder mystery enough spotlight from past 1 week.  To our surprise, he was clueless about the kins of Indrani and to Peter’s surprise, he was completely ignorant regarding the actual relation of Sheena with her mother.  But as they say facts cannot be hide for so long. At the age of 43, her relationships with the victim, and her association with her three husbands, or her strained ties with her parents – all are mostly speculative.

“This case fuels the stereotype of the rich and the famous as people with dirty secrets to hide, giving many of us vicarious pleasure in witnessing the fall of the mighty, well-connected, rich, or all of the above,” writes columnist and senior journalist, Shivam Vij.

What might interest you more are the strategies that Indrani exercised, while planning the execution of Sheena and how to make her alive, even after 3 years of her death. It is not less than the chilling speculations that make you believe in the mastermind of criminals who could commit any heinous crimes beyond imagination.


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