You & I, make the world beautiful!!

I grow up with you, You grow up within me. I see you in me, You see everything through me. I sometimes feel your touch, But you keep touching me.   Going through from the tender feeling of motherhood, Sailing into the ocean of mixed emotions; all fine, some dire, Talking to you about everything gives me immense pleasure.   To keep a track record of your movements is not easy, To discontinue thinking about your well being is far tricky, To foresee memorable moments with you is more and more cheery.     Advertisements Continue reading You & I, make the world beautiful!!

In Love with My Prince!!

Living the beautiful dream of living together, lying in each other’s arms with pleasure. Holding you is my world of possession, Loving You more n more is my only Treasure. Dreaming Your aura maddens me from upper, Seeing you enlightens the fire from inner. Feeling your touch made me want for more, Loving you more is my only prayer from all. Leaving everything to become the future of care, Living present to create memories of our pair. Liking your likes changed me from within, Loving you more is my only dream to fulfill. Continue reading In Love with My Prince!!

A Letter to Holidays!

Dear Holidays, It has been years since we met and I missed you at every passing moment when dipped with stress. Surrounded by tedious routine and unfulfilled wishes, it seemed that you were out from my dreams. Do not mind if this little girl is coming for just a week. Do notice when she laughs with her full bleam and lightest dimple gleam. Hoping to get surplus recharge in my energy bank after this scheme. Thanks, Swati Continue reading A Letter to Holidays!

Happy-Go-Lucky Girl

Seems “angel happiness” is happy with me and bestowing the beams of joyful days and cheerful nights 🙂 Everywhere I see – happy faces, dimple cheeks and brighten teeth. Well, it is a mere reflection of the mirror that says inner satisfaction reflects outer happiness. When I chant the phrase “I am Happy”, I imagine to live in the mansion of ecstasy where my security guards do not allow to enter sorrows and distress. My personal chefs never prepare my food from widely used spices of anger, arrogance, envy and hatred. I am blessed to wear clothes that are washed … Continue reading Happy-Go-Lucky Girl

A Love Story Within Every Heart

Today my metro journey came across with never seen before acts. Kisses 15 times in five minutes, staring him constantly without a second miss, blushing even at his glance, possessive enough to make sure no touch comes near to him and assuring every possible to way to offer utmost comfort. At first, it appeared to me insane and at second madly in love with him. My collection of thoughts concluded to a perception- her first stand in love, or most probably overtly affection. If this is the perfect example of love then I don’t have any regrets as I too … Continue reading A Love Story Within Every Heart

Second Sphere of Life…

Interesting things that come down at your way, yet make you unaware of its significance that they lie. In the same manner, life gets unfolded with all those monotonous and tedious work routine of waking, eating, sleeping and other household or office chores. Meanwhile performing those tasks, several memorable, pleasant, laughable, astonishing and at times, melancholic, annoying and eventually nasty things get unnoticed. Within these circumstances, the mind and heart of a 24 yr old girl takes the flight of diamond studded sky, deep bluest seas, and green gardens of rainbows to search of her someone “special” with whom those … Continue reading Second Sphere of Life…