Life’s Critcal Perspective

Critical is the situation When everything seems to be impossible.   Critical is the time When passing every second seems a year.   Critical is the judgment When the action seems to be of great importance.   Critical is the state of mind When awful reality seems to be the nightmare.   Critical is the emotion When sharing with someone liberate you from within. Advertisements Continue reading Life’s Critcal Perspective

Living with or without Loving

Living with reality is difficult, Dreaming the unreal is easy.   Thinking about him is special, Seeing from close is crucial.   Sharing part of happiness is lovely, Getting an inch of grief is painful.   Taking control on his time is rewarding, Giving nothing in return is lamenting.   Receiving utmost attention is love, Neglecting for the sake of loved ones, is called True Love! Continue reading Living with or without Loving

Happy B’day Style Diva!

A short poem dedicated to my greatest manager ever – Radhika Ghai Aggarwal First glance at her gave origin to the word “Diva,” With bright eyes, cute smile & ravishing style, She made you wonder that you met someone from fairy flight. Colors replace their name when tried by that fame, Green becomes Gorgeous, Black turns Bold, White names whimsical & Pink known Pure. Forget those sugar-dipped sweet delights, as her sweetest behavior lasts in your hearts. Her “no-no no-no” prevent you from committing flaws, but her simple “thanks”  take you on cloud nine. Living the lavish sky like life, … Continue reading Happy B’day Style Diva!

To Be with One Self!

Land by the deep blue ocean of thoughts, in hope of finding peace and repose. Gazing at the dazzling shiny endless stars, twinkle one after another to remain for last. In the absence of crowded sites, it soon follows with the echo of rising tides. Folding the arms around the waist, the hair started singing loud with the windy waves. Nothing to describe the charisma of place, seems like witnessing the heavenly divine phase. Milky-white moonlight around the shore, plays hide-n-seek with heavy fogs and planes. Quite and numb, disturbed and shrunk; shivering on sand below 0 degree Celsius. Nothing … Continue reading To Be with One Self!