In Love with My Prince!!

Living the beautiful dream of living together, lying in each other’s arms with pleasure. Holding you is my world of possession, Loving You more n more is my only Treasure. Dreaming Your aura maddens me from upper, Seeing you enlightens the fire from inner. Feeling your touch made me want for more, Loving you more is my only prayer from all. Leaving everything to become the future of care, Living present to create memories of our pair. Liking your likes changed me from within, Loving you more is my only dream to fulfill. Advertisements Continue reading In Love with My Prince!!

To Be with One Self!

Land by the deep blue ocean of thoughts, in hope of finding peace and repose. Gazing at the dazzling shiny endless stars, twinkle one after another to remain for last. In the absence of crowded sites, it soon follows with the echo of rising tides. Folding the arms around the waist, the hair started singing loud with the windy waves. Nothing to describe the charisma of place, seems like witnessing the heavenly divine phase. Milky-white moonlight around the shore, plays hide-n-seek with heavy fogs and planes. Quite and numb, disturbed and shrunk; shivering on sand below 0 degree Celsius. Nothing … Continue reading To Be with One Self!