Life is Like an Ice-Cream!!

When the mother earth (Read Nature) has different ways to bestow her joy (Autumn), numbness (Winters), sorrows (Rainy) & agitation (Summers). Similarly, life too comes with a package of exciting surprises, drop-dead disappointments, stable satisfaction & short-term worries. The slightest of assumption can’t be figured out for pre-destined happiness, and greatest of preparation won’t work for the upcoming troubles. Happiness cannot be planned but anxiety can be taken care of. Delights should be enjoyed right at the moment, while distress can be preserved to sort it out for later. Because life’s delights are like ice-creams, the fast you finish, the … Continue reading Life is Like an Ice-Cream!!

4 Ways to Increase Family Bond

Image via Hands that hold my hands to help me in writing my first letter ‘A’ are now in need of my time and attention. My mother wanted to learn “Internet” so that she could follow our footsteps of facebooking, mobile chatting, surfing and thereby become independent with her thoughts of modern age. The experience of making my mother to learn the Internet is at times hilarious, and at the other point annoying. Though I don’t remember my sit-and-learn days with her; still I can visualize her zest and dedication towards my schooling and learning. If you too anytime … Continue reading 4 Ways to Increase Family Bond