Life is Like an Ice-Cream!!

When the mother earth (Read Nature) has different ways to bestow her joy (Autumn), numbness (Winters), sorrows (Rainy) & agitation (Summers). Similarly, life too comes with a package of exciting surprises, drop-dead disappointments, stable satisfaction & short-term worries. The slightest of assumption can’t be figured out for pre-destined happiness, and greatest of preparation won’t work … Continue reading Life is Like an Ice-Cream!!

10 Reasons of Your Sadness

(Image Courtesy via Google) Late to Bed, Late to Wake No Record of Give & Take Doing Nothing for Anyone Sharing One’s Opinion As Universal Truth Trusting None Lying Without Reason Not Completing Work On-Time Suggesting Without Being Asked Remembering Past Happiness Again & Again Always Thinking About Yourself Continue reading 10 Reasons of Your Sadness