Happy B’day Style Diva!

A short poem dedicated to my greatest manager ever – Radhika Ghai Aggarwal

First glance at her gave origin to the word “Diva,”

With bright eyes, cute smile & ravishing style,

She made you wonder that you met someone from fairy flight.

Colors replace their name when tried by that fame,

Green becomes Gorgeous, Black turns Bold,

White names whimsical & Pink known Pure.

Forget those sugar-dipped sweet delights,

as her sweetest behavior lasts in your hearts.

Her “no-no no-no” prevent you from committing flaws,

but her simple “thanks”  take you on cloud nine.

Living the lavish sky like life,

yet never apprehends to walk a mile.

Wherever this star goes,

grace & success follows.

Among family, friends and known,

She remains an ideal for all.

On one of her special days,

I am honored to write few lines-

May you always be blessed with healthy hours,

prosperous days and cheerful long years.

Happy b’day Radhika ma’am


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