To Be with One Self!

Land by the deep blue ocean of thoughts, in hope of finding peace and repose.

Gazing at the dazzling shiny endless stars, twinkle one after another to remain for last.

In the absence of crowded sites, it soon follows with the echo of rising tides.

Folding the arms around the waist, the hair started singing loud with the windy waves.

Nothing to describe the charisma of place, seems like witnessing the heavenly divine phase.

Milky-white moonlight around the shore, plays hide-n-seek with heavy fogs and planes.

Quite and numb, disturbed and shrunk; shivering on sand below 0 degree Celsius.

Nothing to hear, no-one to say, rejoicing the company of open sky and plentiful splash,

Like portraying the thoughts on the canvas, the finger started sketching the fervor.

Seeing alone and detached, the words naturally come by side to read out loud…


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5 thoughts on “To Be with One Self!

  1. Hi Swatik, this is wonderfully peaceful. In the rhythm and the ‘s’ sounds I can hear the sea. I once lived very close to Lake Ontario, in Toronto, I loved walking at the water’s edge each night, especially during the winter. The waves spoke to me. ~ Dennis

  2. Hey Dennis, thanks a ton for your kind words and valuable feedback. Though, I haven’t visited seaside yet, but keen on walking wet sand with sudden touch of water waves and then listening the sea shores.

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