Life’s Big Teachings via Small Events

The day before yesterday, I received life’s two big gifts tagged with bigger disappointments. Strange? but true. Beginning with my first gift of the morning, I was complimented for my interviewing skills and asked to greet future candidature because – nice perception towards candidate, cross-questioning ability and analytical attitude. Well, that was more than enough for letting me dream in the company of stars, moons, fairies and all other angels of happiness.

Eventually, the day arrived for implementing the above mentioned skills. Yup, I was confident to offer my best in order to maintain the morning received compliment. I was prepared with the right amount of confidence to test the knowledge, experience and writing skills of the upstairs waiting candidate. I went into the all-glass cabin and could have bombarded my huge list of questionnaires, unless I was told to interview the friend of my good colleague, Piya.

With this I created an International record of any Interview. In the history of Interviews, I asked only 2 questions and that actually made me guilty for not performing my responsibilities effectively. I could sense that the interview didn’t take much time than the “ramp walk” of any model. Come and Go. Awww, how could I have done such stupid mistake??? Why I felt uneasy to interrogate her with some questions??? Why I was bothered about the relation of the candidate with Piya. On the other hand, my 10 minutes discussion with Piya assisted me in recognizing the causes of this sudden discontent that could be hindrance in my career. I disappointed her, ruined the morning received compliment. Above all, I was hurt, as if received a tight slap to see myself incapable of performing my assigned tasks.

Well, the day didn’t end there, because every bad day blessed with the series of worst events to mark that memorable day in your life. With some stolen office minutes, I chatted with my friend, Prakshi.

“Hello madam, wat’s up?”

“Nothing new, usual office work. What about you?”

“Same to same”

So, I didn’t share anything about my “first gift” because I was already busy in unwrapping my “second gift”. Let me disclose to my readers regarding my secret wish. I always wanted to pay the taxes and come into the slab of taxable income, ever since I entered into the world of MNC. I had this fantasy of enjoying the responsible tax payer of the country. Above everything, paying taxes is one of the status symbols that, indirectly reveal your earned income and you thereby earn respect in the society. However, my fantasy was over, until I received Rs xxxx less in my salary.

I told her my story, “My xxxx rupees have been deducted from my salary on pretext of not paying the taxes. And I am informed that the same amount would be debited EVERY MONTH.”

My friend sensed the sadness in my words to which she did n’t reply anything.

I again typed message to her, “Why the hell I wanted to be in the taxable income slap?”

To my surprise, she started sending me laughing smiley’s with the instant word “slap” and I too found it amusing that disappeared my displeasure of the entire day.


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In the end, I realized that paying taxes is actually a slap on some financially underprivileged families whose source of income lies on their only employed son or husband. For me, the first“slap” was gifted to burst my cloud on nine fantasy. A slap for leveling the additional fueled confidence within me. A slap to awaken me from my dreamland. A slap to witness the heinous truth of reality. And a slap for encouraging me to fight back.

Hey hang on, let me make my last line clear. My fight back would not be against the method of Interview nor opposite the prevalent Income tax system. A fight back to develop the lost self-esteem. A fight back towards sudden nervousness and uneasiness. A fight back to be impartial at professional front. And a fight back to open new resources of income because, “Never try to limit your expenditures but always discover new resources of income.”


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