Happy-Go-Lucky Girl

Seems “angel happiness” is happy with me and bestowing the beams of joyful days and cheerful nights šŸ™‚ Everywhere I see – happy faces, dimple cheeks and brighten teeth. Well, it is a mere reflection of the mirror that says inner satisfaction reflects outer happiness. When I chant the phrase “I am Happy”, I imagine to live in the mansion of ecstasy where my security guards do not allow to enter sorrows and distress. My personal chefs never prepare my food from widely used spices of anger, arrogance, envy and hatred. I am blessed to wear clothes that are washed in the water of “benevolence”.

When life finds hundred of reasons to happy, nobody on earth can stop you from being HAPPY. The limitless exposure towards the starry sky while resembling the minor achievement in form of stars make you feel proud on whatever you do. Standing in the mid of a crowded place yet a smile from my face never fades. Embedded with loads of work yet feels happy to clap when all is done.

Mirroring the sight of happiness even in ponds of mushiness. Catch the word with power and like the effort from starter.


2 thoughts on “Happy-Go-Lucky Girl

  1. I agree, happiness certainly comes from within. It’s not so much our situations, but what we make of our situations. It’s easier said than done of course, but it’s worth putting into practice. I love how you imagine living in palace where no negativity is allowed! I have some of my own “happy places” I retreat to in my mind as well.

    1. Hey Katherine,
      Thanks for stopping by this Random Thought and acknowledging the message behind it. Well, negativity comes from the thread of FEAR that is conjoined with our never fulfilled aspirations. Would love to read your own “Happy Moments” too. Have a good time šŸ™‚

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