Divine Side of a Normal Life

Sometimes things become easier and harder with the way circumstances unfold the new chapters of life. Widely known to be as a man of dedication, hard work and sincerity at office, Tanishq sits beside the black glass window of the first floor and can easily count the lavish cars of posh Vasunt Kunj, Delhi where street walk is considered as a hazardous health cause for its residents. Towards the left side of the glass and right ahead of girl’s restroom, a usual everyday sight can be noticed – Girls crossing his desk minimum 8 times a day only to get eye-tonic for themselves, and many a times clearly seen disappointed, when Tanishq doesn’t even bother to lift his eyes and not ready to blink from the screen, even for a second.

It is apparent that beautiful face attracts the eyes but simplicity takes away the heart. But here this exceptional six feet 1 inch tall personality reflects both sides of the coin: down-to-earth by behaviour and charming by appearance. Though his frameless spectacle prevents to map the depth of his magnetic brown eyes. However, the set wet hair, clean shaven fair skin and neat clothes speak for his hygienic and daily grooming habits. With a soft and kind-hearted heart, he is rightly called as a software engineer by profession.    

Known to everyone that Tanishq never marked his attendance at the gossip get-togethers of official, informal or late night meetings, yet crushed girls tried every possible outlet to grab his one-second glimpse. Always noticed to be appraising his wife, he is a heart-rob committed man that could be termed as a perfect Adam for every Eve.
To everyone’s surprise one of his female fans, his newly joined juinior Dhwani, was invited at his place on her special request of meeting his wife. Using the Hyundai Santro white color model of 2010, he placed his laptop and lunch bag at the front seat that indirectly became an indication for her to sit at the back of the car. In amusement, she asked him ”People will think you as my driver Mr. Tanishq.” He laughed and replied “Sorry, but the front seat of my car is only reserved for Sampada.” A name of which no one was familiar of as his unheard rule for not disclosing the name of his life – wife.  This one-woman-man attitude is the secret of his highest popularity at office and indeed turned him as a role model for men and 16 Mondays wish for single women.

Waiting to meet the luckiest creature on earth, Dhwani and Tanishq entered the home very calmly. Clearly visible, the house was designed from the ideas and choice of Sampada- as the mainstream wall, and showpieces are of pink, white and green colour. The one-room set was perfectly signifying the ample amount of space for two persons that is placed with sufficient furniture along with the open kitchen area. One wall is filled with their lovely pics that define the sagas of their eternal love story and boundless companionship. During the window-shopping of the home, her weak eyesight stopped her to view clear images from the distance of sofa and her etiquettes warned her not to check them personally. Still, a nearby picture at the corner table beholds her eyes where Tanishq was holding Sampada tightly and kissing her forehead as a gesture of his unconditional love and care. Seemed proud to receive this absolute love, Sampada looked diffident and beautiful to remain her eyes closed for that click. This particular picture stolen her heart and she became 10 times more eager to see her. Without hearing any noise or lady voice even after 10 minutes of their arrival, she became conscious of sharing the house with him alone. Although, Tanishq considered as an emblem of decency that can be found on earth yet weird thoughts start sketching unfortunate consequences which made her a bit low and unsafe.

Then he took her straight to the bedroom and she stunned to see Sampada’s big smiling picture along with the garland. As she was about to ask something, Tanishq smiled and stopped her by saying,”May be Sampada is not connected to me visually or physically, but she is always with me spiritually”.

On this last note, Dhwani could not control her watery eyes of kindness and benevolence. Appeared to be as an imaginary flawless character of fiction, she wished limitless happiness for him and prayed God to gift such Tanishq to every deserving Sampada.


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