A Love Story Within Every Heart

Today my metro journey came across with never seen before acts. Kisses 15 times in five minutes, staring him constantly without a second miss, blushing even at his glance, possessive enough to make sure no touch comes near to him and assuring every possible to way to offer utmost comfort.

At first, it appeared to me insane and at second madly in love with him. My collection of thoughts concluded to a perception- her first stand in love, or most probably overtly affection. If this is the perfect example of love then I don’t have any regrets as I too have received the same attention, love, care and craziness from my mother. Yes, that new mother (the above mentioned actions confirmed her status of the newly made mother) was highly concerned towards her 6 or 8 months old baby and wanted to shower the beam of unconditional love.

With this instance, let’s see the glimpse of my childhood. Being the eldest child of my parents, first girl child of the generation and thus most likely to become stubborn, demanding and pampered, even at 24 now. Like for everyone, schooling for me too was a wonderful and memorable experience for ample exploration and learning. Clearly remember my first few days of pre-school classes. A group of cute little kids in bright red, yellow and blue colour of dresses appear as the beautiful bunch of flowers with smiling or crying innocent faces.

Making too much noise within the classroom, we were punished for disturbing the peace of adults or rather restricted from enjoying our newly heard voices. Since stubborn, I continued to showcase my Lady Gaga style and easily became the prey to stand alone on the bench with hands up. With the pampered ideology, I felt as odd one out, and all the Ganges and Yamuna (auspicious rivers of India) started rolling down from my eyes. In fact, when my eyes were already full of water, my tears took the u-turn and found out a way from my running nose. Instantly, I cried loud and screamed “mummy”!

Back to home with swollen eyes and bad mood, I avoided eye contact with everyone, especially from mummy. My mother hold me in her arm, wipe my face, put her hands on my head and asked me, “You were missing me today? Right?” This only line was enough for me to shower the fountain of remained tears and immediately hugged her tightly to not let me away from you. Consoled and after being recharged from chocolate and Fruity, I asked her “How do you come to know?”.

When I spoke the word “mummy” at school, down the same time at home, my mother stopped for a moment while preparing lunch for my grandfather and asked my aunt (my second mother, my lovely Dolly Bua),” Don’t know why, but I believe Swati is missing me very badly. Something must have happened to her.” To which my that time unmarried aunt replied,” Aww, you must be having an illusion. She enjoys her school very much.

A perfect example of unconditional love from the heavenly creation called ‘mother’ who even hear your voice when the whole world neglects you. My mother, whose mother passed away at a very early age and thus could not able to enjoy that love and care, yet proved to be the best as she perfectly understands the need of this ‘word’ when she really yearned for this ‘word’. Love you ma…


3 thoughts on “A Love Story Within Every Heart

  1. Swati, you haven’t changed much since then 😉
    and ya, Moms are beyond comparison – Source of Eternal LOVE and Peace in this Beautiful World!

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