A Visit to the Land of Imagination…

Smiling at the rain, welcoming the stormy cool wind and giggling towards the subjective jokes was the unusual moment than usual back-office evenings. An anonymous and refreshing mid October evening changed the boring metro journey of Akshita into a cheerful one. Loads of assigned work to -do, making headstrong agreements and non-stop four hours at a stretch sitting posture could not bother her any more before this admiring beauty of nature.

Touching the peak of her career, Akshita works as an analyst at one of the biggest International Audit firms, Ernst & Young which has been changed to ENY for whatsoever reason. Graduated from the Delhi college of Miranda House, she was unlike the college tag of Bold and Beautiful. Not so bright in school yet became everyone’s favourite at college when immediately offered this grand job for scoring highest in Economics. Being the foremost chancer from her family to witness the college life, she was undoubtedly turned out to be the talk of the town.

Back to her hectic and overworked schedule, she found solace at this journey of a lifetime. Comfortably touching the handles of metro, she was gifted with just the right amount of features and smartness that must be the wish of every girl. Slim enough to showcase her admiring waistline, she is always seen in tunic tops, tuck-in formal shirts and knee-length Chudidaars. With the beautiful shape, she is mostly complimented on her eyes that hold the attention of the beholder. Neither fair, nor dark yet onlookers find an unseen charm combined with the mesmerizing natural beauty of pink lips, dimple smile and long hair.

As her dimple starts developing with the view of black clouds, suddenly a tear was noticed in her eyes. Stucked in the overcrowded metro of the day she immediately de-board the train, leaving colleagues behind and walking faster. On a sudden note, that small tear took the shape of cheek touching salty water that became impossible for her to hide. In the midst of that crowd, she saw him. Staring at her, coming towards her, and about to speak to her, she had to left the past behind.

Silent and motionless, she took a deep breath to console her eyes “Yes, it was him.”  Didn’t speak to him since 5 years, neither indulge in any relationship after him. It seems like her life revolved only around him. Admired by everyone, liked by few, envied by many and loved by only one – a misconception opposite to the truth, he never even liked her.

When trying to control her once broken-heart, he came in front of her. Tears busted like volcano and hands wanted to hit him hard to ask about the reason of being so rude and wicked.  Deep down his eyes, a sense of guilt and an urge of togetherness was observed. She covered her wet face and his lips broke the attachment to say, “dear, come on wake-up. It’s already late for office today…”

This was the voice of her mom who has been instructed to repeat the same line at a same time but today the alarm buzzed at the wrong time.  Although this was her dream with him but she immediately remembered a line read on FB – “Seeing a particular person in your dream is a sign that the person misses you”.


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