Second Sphere of Life…

Interesting things that come down at your way, yet make you unaware of its significance that they lie. In the same manner, life gets unfolded with all those monotonous and tedious work routine of waking, eating, sleeping and other household or office chores. Meanwhile performing those tasks, several memorable, pleasant, laughable, astonishing and at times, melancholic, annoying and eventually nasty things get unnoticed.

Within these circumstances, the mind and heart of a 24 yr old girl takes the flight of diamond studded sky, deep bluest seas, and green gardens of rainbows to search of her someone “special” with whom those flights can be more enjoyable and memorable.

Everyone talks regarding the uncertain aspect of the future that it holds for the beneficiary. Though, since childhood, children are taught about specific sphere of their life that will occur in their lives and bring happy as well as sad moments for them. However, girls are especially made to imagine about someone whom they have never met yet, still will be in their run till death. Therefore, this powerful aspect of imagination through which they are shown their beautiful future is purely at the mercy of luck.


Dreaming about that prince,

Life seems to be into unmoving rim.

Surrounded by the tides of monotonous life,

Can’t decide the current stiff.

Giving away that mental peace,

The mind reached to that limited sheen.

Standing below the bluest sky,

Searching for the answer from that guy,

Wanted to go with him,

yet waiting for his appearance in this dim.

Asking limitless questions from Him,

Perplexed at His smiling grim.

Why did He create such a norm,

Resting girls at someone’s palms.

Having the lines of own destiny in hands,

Still, don’t have any control on its acts.

The light of patience going dim,

Pray you to bestow your miracle glim.


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