Power of siLeNcE!!!

Yesterday, i had a bad day at office, and that eventually spoiled my one day of 2012. One of my teammates raised voice at me, because he believed i was at fault without any reason. Honestly telling, from the past 2 weeks i am committing some mistakes while framing product specifications in my work which unconditionally land me in trouble, and thereby assist in lowering my self-confidence. I admit that i might be not performing well from some days but that doesn’t mean that i would be responsible if you have parked your car in the wrong direction, just because you were thinking about my error, while parking the car.

The matter was a very lenient one that could be handled very peacefully. Its just that i mailed my part of the story to that barbaric, illiterate, and uncivilized man who doesn’t understand English, as it should be, to know the point. Still, he attempted to put me in bad light and enforced all the blame to me, for the sake of not informing him VERBALLY.  Oh come on, if you do not understand this language, at least should have informed me earlier as i never announced that i am only habitual of speaking or understanding English.

Although i kept silent in the whole duration when he was blowing his rage upon me. I really felt very bad for not responding to his rubbish dialogues and silently became a scapegoat, for no reason. Most probably, i am not used to such kind of circumstances of screaming or scolding to any stranger, when you too are involved in the court case.

Well, everything goes well that ends well, in a silent manner. Today, he himself engrossed in the circle of scolds and rage by his superior authority, due to that same smallest matter for which he was involving me.

I always feel the omnipresent gesture of almighty who never does anything unfair to his right child. Today, i experienced it lively in the popular notion of “Karma kar fal ki icha mat kar”. I simply did my karma wherein my silence adds four stars to that karma for which God manifested me the power of silence.


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