Where were you??? I was looking for you…

The phrase sounds to please the ears with the perception that someone cares for you. When a mother calls you by saying that she was looking for you, it shows the love and affection that her voice carries, while searching. At times, you feel relieved and relaxed at the thought of being vital in someone’s life.

Moving forward, when friends search for you, your tummy gets more excited due to the upcoming gossip that you and your pals will share. However, such instances add humor to our life and eventually turns it more exciting, fun-loving, and delightful. In addition, such lines of concern are more relevant when you get to hear it from your spouse, and eventually enhances your love towards each other.

But…this but is actually very dangerous when it comes to our professional life. An incident when you hear the same lovable phrase from your obedient and over-possessive boss, you starts getting annoyed towards her or her pampering attitude. As a result, a feeling of hatred and disgust start taking shape that become more embarrassing in front of your colleagues. You will get into the trap of teases and satire that develops your life hell, while others find amusement in the same.

Well, all such above experiences are going through by one of my colleagues who has been continually harassed by her manager and could not even allowed to leave her place once.


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