Darker Side of Commitment

One evening, wandering with my friend on the parks of my colony, I listened giggles of three young teenaged boys.  When stopped at the sight, we saw the hysterical position of those guys who were unable to control their laughter. It seemed quite strange as the reason of their amusement and enjoyment was unknown. Later on, felt extremely disappointed with the sight of their pleasure when they were all enjoying the phone talk with a girl. As the scene is presented, those three and supposedly teenaged boys find delight in mishandling the emotions of that girl. However,  the knowledge of that girl is concerned, her voice manifested as innocent and pampered.

If to ask about the morality and decency of a person in terms of dating, does he or she should depict such deceitful  attitude towards others?  I also clearly remember the yelp of a young girl in the Metro who has just went from a break-up.  I was literally smashed after hearing her whispers for committing suicide. She was weeping  very hard and, seemed to be in desolate and abandoned situation regarding her life. Unaware of the reason of their separation, but eventually witnessed the the ramifications of psychological trauma when indulged in personal relationship.  Insight dark side of commitmentness answers

Relationships, as a matter of fact are not meant to expose into litters in public; but supposed to be cared and loved in private as well as in public. People found themselves incapable in controlling their laugh when see a girl or boy fighting with his or her ‘committed’ relationship.  Commitment has become a social trend or a symbol of one’s societal status in terms of being highly educated, modernized, and fashionable. Someone follows the societal norms in a completely dignified manner. However these things indeed discourage me a lot when one’s emotional attachment is merely left on the sake of others. It asks so many questions to me regarding the darker and hidden side of a committed relationship when disclose in public with brutal scrutiny. But nothing can summarized the actual happiness as well as the pain of separation, however sometimes impossible to remain reduntant and indifferent to the same attraction.


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