A Date with Angels

“Intuition is the best guide”as suggested by C.L.Talmadge who has successfully explored the way in which angels could  become our mentors. There Talmadge also gives a brief account of hidden truth of the happenings of the hidden world.  As we do all hear that there is an underworld which also exits apart from this Materialistic world of rational human beings. Both these world run on their different rules and regulations created by themselves only. Thus leading towards further, as related to it, during the Restoration period of 18th Century in England, Alexander Pope came up with his remarkable work upon satire where we could see the secrets of the Angelic world which shows the true mirror of our existence. Pope has pointed out that in his work “Rape of the Lock” where the protagonist of this poetry, Belinda lives in her own self-cocooned world of luxury and there she is always protected by her four guardian spirits or Angels mainly from Arial. Most importantly to note one thing as intersects with  this article is that ,there she has been warned by her Angels before letting her locks cut and those guardians do give her time to time details of future happenings.

In the same way , if we see our English Literature from its beginning of the golden period of novels and other writing materials which fruitfully proves to be a horizon for interested readers from across the sides and productively binds them into a thread. Henceforth reading becomes a vital part of many individuals to gain more refined knowledge on a particular topic. Hence various renowned and best writers or authors have used the therapy of Intuition to cure their character’s situation as well as preceding the plot in the newer direction. Starting with the legendary recognition of William Shakespeare in his work of “Hamlet”.Next going with Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre, where Jane gets a dream intuition of the ruined house which actually becomes the conclusion of the narrative. Like these several other writers do make a practice of this skill in their story line.

Therefore it has been very clear from the above mention instances that a powerful supremacy stands behind every individual to aid in everyone’s spiteful situation. The same halo also guides as the mentor to make or to learn us the easier way of walking upon the hard-hitting paths. It can be also prove that the Angels could surely inform our advanced activities by being interacting with all of us through INTUITION. Yes, that is the main focus of this writing and proceeding towards the unheard facts concerning the unseen and unknown world. We could merely have a chat with our Angels in our dreams or by meditating lonely for an hour or two. Hence these Angels will inform its correspondent the inside and secrets of the journey of TIME. These Angels soon develop into our mentors to warn us from the actions that would take place sooner or later.

With reference to Indian Mythology, we all know that during the Dwaparyuga the two main lead courageous knights cum brothers come against each other as foe. As we read the Shastras , it has been written that Arjun is considered as the son of the divine being of Indra and on the other hand  Karna is considered as son of the other holy supremacy Surya . As a result when both these heroic fighters move toward the battle field; consequently their Angelic controls also appear there to assist them. Both the Deities Indra and Surya show their apprehension for their sons. Therefore it is proved until now that from ages these supernatural influences or a special halo could be serviceable to whom it has been assigned to guard from the birth of that particular human being and thereby enhances its relationship with that Angelic world.

Thus going towards the conclusion of this writing, one should endeavour to look for one’s own Angelic controller in the form of a pal, who would unquestionably demonstrate to be always emerged as a coordinator, assistant, teacher, helper, mentor and thus would kindly provide you the positive vibration for which everybody craves for in this highly hectic and unenthusiastic milieu , and thereby would let us to grant a chance to have a Date with our Angels and certainly to attain the presence of the Almighty. So as a consequence of this writing, for the next time do not take your INTUITIONS either in dream or conscious, too lightly. But do concentrate on that particular scene and thought which would be informed you through your Angel in order to turn your life either in a triumphant person who cannot be defeated and makes his every step with total cautiousness or into a person who does not step aback in feeling regretful and remorseful with the already happen thing but informed earlier too.


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